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Welcome to CG Rainscreen Technologies

CG Rainscreen Technologies provides a systems approach to your rain screen and building envelope design.


This systems approach is built around the central principle that building wrap should act as a breathable membrane, allowing for optimal drying action and the elimination of any moisture from the external sheathing. This breathable membrane technology is focused around our AquaShield HP (high perm) building wrap, and helps to ensure that mould, mildew, and rot are not able to develop. The rain screen system is optimized when Aquashield HP is used in conjunction with our other rain screen components; SillSaver – to protect the window sill and drain any trapped moisture, Quick Flash - flashing panels for electrical, plumbing, or HVAC wall penetrations, and our CG Rainscreen Accessories – SIGA membrane tape, Vyna Strap plywood furring strip replacement, Vented L strip, and Starter Strip for vinyl siding.


CG Rainscreen Technologies also work closely with our customers on a design basis to resolve any real world rain screen or building envelope issues as they arise.

Our products are compliant with the LEED process
State of the art assemblies created quickly, inexpensively & technically superior.